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Continue your journey from serious Yoga student into competent beginning teacher and beyond with our Foundation 250-hour teacher training, ongoing support, mentoring and CPD workshops. And who knows as your love of teaching continues, perhaps pursuing advanced studies and training with us too?
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“I am delighted to share my knowledge, passion and long time practice of Yoga with serious students who wish to study Yoga in more detail for their own personal development and to learn how to teach this wonderful, life affirming practice to others. I see Yoga as an integral part of my life not only in the way I move, but in the way I think and interact with others. Yoga has taught me so much more than just practicing on the mat! My approach in designing and delivering this teacher training is to encourage you to fully embody the practices of Yoga so that you become an example to your students of good health, compassion and empathy- things I believe make for a great Yoga teacher. 

I also offer mentoring and support and further training to help you develop as your experience and love of teaching grows”



March 13th 2021- December 12th 2021

Online Teacher Training

250 hour Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited course

The aim of the Yoga-Yoga TTC is to equip students both professionally and practically to teach an inclusive Yoga class to adults with mixed ability, with the emphasis on:

Course aims

  • Asana (Yoga postures)
  • Breathing practices
  • Kriyas
  • Pranayama
  • Mudras and Bandhas
  • Concentration/Meditation techniques
  • Relaxation
The above will include all aspects of professional teaching, including course and lesson planning; assessing students, class management and the adapting and modifying of the above practices for the safe inclusion of individual requirements. In addition to learning how to teach the above aspects of Yoga practice, the Yoga-Yoga TTC aims to equip students with knowledge in the following:
  • Anatomy and physiology appropriate to Yoga practice together with health and safety considerations
  • Yoga in philosophical and historical context with reference to the set key texts
  • The business of Yoga- setting up classes and promoting classes and courses
  • The concept of “Yoga Off the Mat” Yoga as a lifestyle choice.

Furthermore it is our intention to provide or direct students to, on-going personal development through reading and study and on-going support and mentoring throughout the course and beyond.

Course overview and details are available below 

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C.P.D & Advanced training

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Continue your journey with advanced trainings and workshops.

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continue your yoga teacher journey

Support & Mentoring for teachers

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Registered Yoga Teacher

"Our training school has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard and that our graduates may use the title 'Registered Yoga Teacher' as a sign of quality training."

What Students Say about our teacher training


Will the course remain online even if its safe to return to a studio environment?

The course is online due to the Coronavirus pandemic and following advice from the Government and Yoga Alliance Professionals our accrediting body Yoga-Yoga Teacher Training courses will be delivered online until it is safe to return to the Yoga studio.

Any course that starts online will remain online. We have researched and worked hard to adapt the course content and delivery to make it work well on an online platform and have invested in new technology e.g. learning management systems

Also, an online course opens the door to a whole new group of potential students – those who may be isolated or find it difficult to travel, or who may prefer to avoid large groups.

Am I too old to become a Yoga teacher?

I always begin answering this question with another question-who do you want to teach? The beauty of Yoga is that it is so diverse and adaptable to everyone’s needs irrespective of age, fitness levels and is certainly not ‘one size fits all’ We believe there is a Yoga teacher for everyone and have found that students may feel more comfortable with a teacher whom shares their age, life experience or health condition

I have a health condition can I teach Yoga?

This depends on your health condition and medical advice. Please get in touch with us about any chronic or congenital conditions and we will look at this together

Is the qualification still valid from an online course?

Yes. Yoga Alliance Professionals has approved our online syllabus and currently supports all courses that start before December 2021 to remain online Furthermore “we will honour any online training as long as it is advertised while restrictions are in place.” YAP

Will I still be able to teach in person even though my training was online?

Yes, in fact it is our belief that you will probably find it much easier to teach in person when its safe to do so. We have found that online teaching demands an enhanced set of teaching skills as we are focussing much more on our ability to use creative, expressive language to teach and adjust students. Also, our ability to observe and concentrate is magnified in an online environment, all excellent skills for teaching inclusive Yoga classes.

I can’t do headstand is that a problem?

It is natural for someone considering becoming a teacher to feel they need to be able to do inspiring or challenging poses. Our training is about refining your practice, learning about the biomechanics and movement principle behind Yoga practice in order to teach a series of foundational asanas to a mixed ability class. When you have gained a few years teaching experience and developed your own practice of such poses along the way, you may want to learn how to teach these more challenging poses.