About Me

Why I do what I do

I believe everyone deserves to have a strong healthy body, a focussed, clear mind with courage in their heart, irrespective of background, financial position or age. And I wish to help as many people as possible experience and explore the healing power of Yoga and Meditation and be inspired to find their ‘clearer, calmer , kinder self’ 


A Sanskrit word with deep meanings but regularly translated for ease of understanding, to mean- to act correctly, do one’s duty, to live our purpose


I have received some great teaching on the subject of Yoga- in its fullest sense as a philosophy not just posture exercises, and have developed much knowledge and expertise in this field over nearly 30 years of study and practice. This has helped me understand what being human and living in this mind body really means. I have a number of Yoga and Meditation teaching qualifications, spent many hours in further training to be able to teach Yoga for therapeutic purposes, including my favourite topic, woman’s health and am also an accredited Yoga teacher trainer with Yoga Alliance Professionals, delivering high quality comprehensive foundational teacher training and continual professional development for teachers. I also have coaching and group facilitation and training skills, qualifications from my days as a corporate leader and executive [1984-2001] This latter set of skills seems to appeal to people who want to align their head and heart better, become more spiritually aware through Yoga but without losing their ability to compete in a business setting- this I am well experienced in. Keeping my Yoga and meditation practise and study going in a senior corporate role, working in technology at a time of rapid change, difficult? Yes, but possible.

Many people who meet me know I smile a lot and can make the assumption that I am happy therefore I must have had an easy life- far from it. Yes, I am grateful for where I find myself today, I do feel fortunate, but I too have suffered loss, isolation, grief, sexual harassment (#metoo), betrayal, hurt and stress. The secret to my smile is in how I approach every day, the attitude I begin and end the day with, and that I have learnt from the ancient wisdom in the teachings of Yoga more specifically the powerful philosophical stories of ancient India like the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

“You may never know what results come from your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result”

Mahatma Gandhi

The practice and study of Yoga, has taught me about acceptance not in a wishy- washy -way that encourages a sense of defeat- “oh well, that’s it then” but the exact opposite! Accepting that within each of us is a power to do good things for others and most importantly, for ourselves. I see it as my duty to nurture, nourish and be true to myself, so that I can serve others better. [AKA airlines – ‘put your oxygen mask on first before helping others’] And accept it is my responsibility to change the things that are unhealthy, whether that be a relationship or food choices and accept that when taking action, there are always consequences to my actions. I try not to blame others or the situation, which may have contributed to my failing, but focus on resolution and moving forward to achieve what I set out to.

Of course, there are situations that blind side us; unexplained and unbelievably sad and upsetting things do happen- but we can also choose how we deal with them and how we react. Inevitably things will change, people will grow old and die, animals we love will get sick and leave us. The important question is how do we live fully for today and the next today? Today, in fact -this very moment is the only place we can act, yesterday is over and tomorrow is yet to arrive. What we do today in each moment and moment by moment, influences what happens next.

I teach Yoga beyond postures, shapes and methods and invite you into self-enquiry and offer you a way of getting to know your body, your breath, your mind, so as to enrich your mind -body, both on and off the Yoga mat. I offer deep restorative Yoga Nidra and simple meditations for self-reflection and self-development

You can arrange to work with me on a 1:1 basis, come to weekly classes or attend a course or “retreat” I am leading and maybe sometime in the future past 2020, take a break and have a Yoga and Meditation holiday with me and other like-minded people in person. If you are a Yoga teacher let me support you with further training and community and if you are thinking about becoming a Yoga teacher- you are in the right place.

Louise Cashin

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