Yoga-Yoga Online Classes

Thank you so much for booking my online classes I am looking forward to practising with you.

If you haven’t done so already please check out our updated T&C’s for online classes, here
are guidelines and useful tips for you to fully enjoy your online class experience

Venue:- Zoom videoconferencing.
If you don’t already have the App on your device download it. Zoom can be downloaded
from (you only need a free account with Zoom to participate in my
classes.) You can use a smart phone, tablet or computer all are good although I would
recommend your laptop or iPad as you may be a distance from the screen and you want to
see me clearly! Zoom is free to download.

Please dial in from 10 minutes before to say
hello and to make any alterations to your set up.

If you are unable to join before hand please make sure you join on time please, I will spend a 2 minutes going through housekeeping for your safety and enjoyment and wont repeat it.



  • Make sure your device is fully charged
  • Close your web pages and all other applications to maximise the Zoom App
  • If you require we can do a ‘tech meet up’ prior to your first class subject to a mutually convenient time being available

Equipment/ Props:-

  • Yoga Mat- at home alternative practice on the carpet or bath towel for hard flooring
  • Blocks – at home alternative: Books preferably hard back
  • Blankets / towels etc for sitting on, kneeling on or for cover
  • Bolsters – at home alternative: Pillows, cushions, full backpack with a couple of blankets over the top
  • Straps – at home alternative: Belt, scarf
  • If you want to work against the wall again please set yourself up near the wall

Your environment/space:-

  • Quiet open space
  • Good lighting so I can see you – Please have video on so I can see you at least at the start
  • Make sure your device screen is in front of you and you can see it clearly
  • Turn off your phone
  • One thing I learnt is that in order for you to hear me I need to project my voice and your volume needs to be high enough for you to hear. Please let family members know as its not just will they disturb you but will the audio disturb them

Joining Class:

  • Join the Zoom meeting no earlier than 10 minutes before the class start time. You can paste the Zoom class link (URL) from the email I will send you on the day of the class, to your web browser or by clicking “Join a Meeting” on the app on your phone/tablet.
  • If I am not yet connected, please leave the meeting and wait a couple of minutes to re-join (all classes will be ‘open’ for you to join ten minutes prior to the start time)
  • If you remain connected you may make it impossible for the class to go ahead!
  • After checking in with me all students will be asked to mute their microphones. This will look different on each device but it should show clearly on the main Zoom screen. Or I will mute all.
  • You are also welcome to hide your own video once we start but I recommend keeping it on for the complete class for your safety so that I can see you and help you as necessary with cues and/or tips during the practice

from you if you are pregnant, have had recent surgery or have an injury.

Creating space for you to find your Harmony

I’m Louise, I hold the space for you to find true harmony between activity and rest. Space to feel in balance, whole and complete, to experience your vibrant vital energy as well as your stillness and inner calm . I offer you tools and insight to find equanimity and cope better with stress, enjoy improved sleep and experience a real sense of good health and well-being.

I teach Yoga beyond postures, shapes and methods; inviting you into self enquiry. 

Guiding you to get to know your moving body, your breath, your mind, so as to enrich your mind-body both on and off the Yoga mat.

I’m qualified above and beyond what’s necessary for a Senior Yoga Teacher [SYT] with over 1,000 hours of training and many thousands of hours of teaching full time, since 2002, but when you share what you love I believe you can never stop learning and experimenting for yourself too! . 

Come ’slow down to get strong’ with me and experience your clearer , kinder, calmer self.