Yoga Retreats

Welcome to 2021! We were hoping to be offering you the opportunity to retreat with a group of like minded people to one of our lovely UK retreat locations but sadly both that and our India Escape Yoga holiday are very much still on hold due to ongoing UK Government Covid restrictions

Online Retreats 2021

Coming soon

Weekend Retreat UK

Cancelled and currently deferred to 2022


A little slice of heaven @ Home

Online Yoga Retreat

Coming soon 


Yoga Holidays

India Escape

Currently on hold until further notice 


March 2021

Weekend Yoga Retreat UK

Currently deferred to March 2022 


Do I need to have done Yoga before?

The Yoga retreats vary in terms of level of experience and in the detail about the retreat you will find reference to suitability. Some are obvious, for example a Yoga teachers retreat!  In general retreats are suitable for different levels of experience from beginner to more experienced and even for complete beginners,  but please get in touch prior to booking if you are completely new to Yoga so that we can ascertain whether its the right place to start your Yoga journey. 

Yoga holidays are usually open to everyone although again , there may be times when a ‘holiday’ is geared towards professional development and / or insight for experienced students and /or teachers 

What to tell us

You will be asked  to fill out health/medical information when booking.  If food is included [and it usually is] we will ask you about any food allergies and intolerances. 

We are concerned for your well-being and enjoyment so please inform us if you suffer from very high blood pressure, heart disease, retinal problems, epilepsy, have a joint replacement or recently undergone any major surgery, it is always wise to consult your doctor prior to beginning a Yoga programme. If you are menstruating heavily it is recommended that you avoid inverted postures, please refer to your teacher.

What to bring- clothing and equipment

A Yoga mat is a good starting point.  We suggest that luggage conditions depending,  you bring whatever props you may like to use when practising Yoga

For relaxation, and let’s face it thats what a retreat or holiday is all about! – it is a good idea to have a bolster or a blanket or another suitable covering, support for your head. For meditation please have something to sit on to remain comfortable and relaxed 

PLEASE NOTE:- we will inform you of what equipment is available / provided by the venue before the trip as you may not need to bring anything 

[Note Covid compliancy will be adhered to as appropriate]

Depending on location and time of year we will provide a list of suitable clothing options for example in March in Southern India loose fitting cotton clothing is recommended 

What's included?

In general for both Yoga Retreats and Holidays –

A number of designated meals and all refreshments but if served- alcohol is extra 

Bed linen and towels unless otherwise specified and  sometimes toiletries are included too 

All Yoga and other practices as outlined in the programme- in fact the specific programme will provide the details you need 

Whats not included?

In general for UK Yoga retreats:- 

Travel to and from the retreat centre, any other treatments not outlined in the retreat programme and travel insurance 

In general for International Retreats and Holidays:- 

Travel to and from the retreat centre, although in the case of some locations we include transfers or can arrange them a a group discount; please refer to specifics

Any other treatments not outlined in the retreat programme and travel insurance 

When to arrive?

Arrival times differs from location to location 

For UK retreats we usually offer arrival and leaving times  in the retreat detail 

For International destinations there are sometimes options to extend your stay prior and after the designated programme time – this willl be clear in your information 

And Finally

Listen to your own body-don’t force yourself into any of the postures or force your breath-relax and enjoy.

If you want to miss a part of the programme, it is helpful if we know in advance that you are not coming- as we are responsible for your well-being whilst you are with us and don’t want to send someone out looking for you unnecessarily I apologise now if you have overslept and get woken up by us banging on your door!!