Slow down to get strong

Come ‘slow down to get strong’ with me and experience your clearer , calmer, kinder self.


Creating space for you to find your Harmony

Hi Im Louise and I hold the space for you to find true harmony between activity and rest. Space to feel in balance, whole and complete, to experience your vibrant vital energy as well as your stillness and inner calm . I offer you tools and insight to find equanimity and cope better with stress, enjoy improved sleep and experience a real sense of good health and well-being.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation classes that help you breathe, move and release physically and mentally. 
"When we practice Yoga from an interior perspective, the body becomes mindful and the mind becomes embodied"
Donna Farhi

Yoga Teacher Training

Love Yoga, Teach Yoga
Once you have learned to love your Yoga practice why not deepen your knowledge and learn how to share it with others? Completed your first training and now feeling you want to explore more? We offer comprehensive CPD and Further training too


Welcome to my blog "Om Air" the sound of Om to me, represents life itself and all things Yoga; both on and off the mat. Join me in exploring the healing power and ancient wisdom of Yoga in our modern lives

Dear beautiful Soul

I know that at times life can feel like a struggle. Especially right now. Decisions difficult to make, fatigue creeping in through lack of sleep.  A feeling of being fragmented as opposed to centred and whole.

Be kind to yourself!

This can happen to the best of us. Even those of us with a regular Yoga and meditation practice.

We are not beyond being overwhelmed. It may seem hard to cope with, this feeling of being out of balance, when for so many years you have practised mindfulness. Yoga and meditation have been amazing tools for you. 

You are a beautiful soul living and experiencing this human existence. And as a human being we can get over emotional, over think things and become physically unwell too.

I can offer you the space to release and relax, to stretch away the stress and fatigue accumulating in your body. I can provide practices to quieten your overthinking mind and overall, help you balance your emotions.

 Come join me and begin your journey back to feeling in harmony again



Sharing what I love

I teach Yoga beyond postures, shapes and methods; inviting you into self enquiry. 

Guiding you to get to know your moving body, your breath, your mind, so as to enrich your mind-body both on and off the Yoga mat.

I’m qualified above and beyond what’s necessary for a Senior Yoga Teacher [SYT] with over 1,000 hours of training and many thousands of hours of teaching full time, since 2002, but when you share what you love I believe you can never stop learning and experimenting for yourself too! . 

Come ’slow down to get strong’ with me and experience your clearer , calmer, kinder self.

Contentment is here and isn’t it great

Contentment is the sunshine when I awake

The fresh air, green grass, a beautiful lake

The laughter in a small child ‘s voice

Sportsmanship and collective groups as they rejoice

The smile on a loved ones face

The smile on anyone’s face – lighting up their eyes

The hugs and kisses of hello, the hugs and kisses of goodbyes

The ocean, the waves, the gulls on the breeze

My cat as she meows oh food, lots of love yes please

Yes please, more love always

Laughter and chocolate, movement with grace

Slowing down and down to a snail’s pace

Running around doing things hectic and fun

Being alive, in the rain, snow or sun

Enjoying now, reflecting the past

Opposites unite, bringing harmony at last

Loving and giving are good things to be

Show your compassion and you’ll be amazed to see

Just how the world will then reciprocate

Your life well lived, loved and fulfilled

Contentment is here and isn’t it great

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