Yoga Courses, Events & Workshops​

Here you will find both intensive short and longer in depth courses; one off events and workshops. All designed to deepen your knowledge and practise of Yoga in its widest sense. Courses often include written materials and / or recorded materials to help assimilate your learning and enable you to develop and continue your practise at your own pace. 

Yoga Nidra
Wednesday 21 September & 19 October 2022
at 8pm

Deep guided relaxation

*NEW* 60 hours deep dive into Yoga Starts Sunday 11th September 2022

60 hours of practice and learning with me, a day a month. A new course I have designed to help you benefit more deeply from your Yoga practice. "Living Your Yoga" Taking Yoga off the mat and into the world.

Pranayama & Meditation
New dates coming

Breathe, release and meditate


Your best opportunity to rest, reflect and rejuvinate

Yoga Nidra

Expect –
A deeply restorative, guided relaxation and meditation class. “Nidra” literally translated is “sleep”, but you are not coming to sleep (although you may do) you remain awake but in a state of deep rest and relaxation


Wednesday 21 September  

Wednesday 19 October  2022  

At 20.00- 20.45




Deepen your knowledge and understanding of Yoga

Living Your Yoga

60 hours of deepening and developing your practice, learning about your body in movement, the breath and your health, the psychology and philosophy that underpins the practice and how to use what you experience on the mat to enrich your daily life and the lives of the people around you. This is not a teacher training but a certificate of attendance will be given with the topics taught. For existing teachers there is an option for CPD – refer below

Start date 

SUNDAY 11th September 

08.30-16.30 with breaks and extended lunch hour 

Online live and fully interactive – so you learn and discuss with each other too. And it will be fun! It runs once a month , twice in March 2023. Days will include:- Practice, webinar, discussion, break-outs and for any teachers wanting to join;- 25 hours CPD certification. Teachers please note- Attendance at all sessions mandatory and a reflective exercise and one written assignment will provide 25 hours

End date 

SUNDAY 14th May 


Early Bird Price until 31st August is £660 [thereafter £720] 

PAYMENT :-Pay in full or a £160 deposit with the remaining £500 to be paid by 31st August or after that prior to course starting but fee will be £560 Please note:-payment plans available if needed, get in touch. 

Limited number of places for true interactivity and deep learning please check PAYMENT terms and conditions BELOW

Payment terms and refunds Please note that the deposit for the course is non refundable under any circumstances. If you pay for the course and are unable to take part in the course, or are unable to complete the course, for what ever reason the remaining fee will be transferred to a credit towards something else that I offer and be valid for 6 months from the date issued 

Below is a brief overview and outline of the course 


Practice Focus

Anatomy Focus

Philosophy & Psychology 

September 11th

Standing Well

Feet, legs, pelvis [bones]

Introducing Patanjali, Yoga of the Mind

October 9th 

Sitting Well

Spine, head, shoulders [bones]

Ethical principles of living life authentically

November 6th

Moving Forward

The back and shoulders [muscles]

Life lessons – key verses in the Patanjali Sutras

December 11th

Moving backward

The front body [muscles]

Living your truth, key lessons from the Bhagavad Gita

January 15th 

Rotating your body

Support from your inner organs [inner body]

The five elements in Yoga

February 5th

Mind Body Balancing

Nervous system responses

The 4 qualities of the heart

March 5th

Inverting the body


Prana-life force energy  

March 26th



The 3 qualities of all living things

April 23rd


Relaxation response

What is meditation?

May 14th 

Living Your Yoga [physically]

The whole body

Living Your Yoga in daily life


Slow down breathe and connect with your inner resource

Pranayama & Meditation class

07.45- 08.30 45  minutes class 


We will come together in stillness. Finding our comfortable seat to breath and journey inward to experience the peace within 


Do I need to be an experienced Yogi to attend workshops and /or courses?

These special classes and workshops are usually an in depth study of a particular aspect of Yoga practice and as such, are geared more towards more experienced students  who have a regular practice and are looking to develop that further. If you have not practised with me before please get in touch prior to booking. If you have not done Yoga before please contact me and we can discuss the most suitable class or another teacher/class

Relax and Renew, Yoga Nidra classes, Sleep recovery and meditation is open to everyone, unless otherwise stated 

What to tell us

If you are booking a course you are required to fill out health/medical information when booking. If your class or workshop does not require a booking form  please inform us if you suffer from very high blood pressure, heart disease, retinal problems, epilepsy, have a joint replacement or recently undergone any major surgery, it is always wise to consult your doctor prior to beginning a Yoga programme. If you are menstruating heavily it is recommended that you avoid inverted postures, please refer to your teacher.

What to bring- Yoga equipment and alternatives​

A Yoga mat is a good starting point. We have compiled a list of alternatives to regular Yoga props, if you don’t have any, here.

For Relax and Renew, Yoga Nidra and Sleep Recovery it is a good idea to have a bolster or bolster alternative, a blanket or another suitable covering, support for your head.

For meditation please have something to sit on to remain comfortable and relaxed

For the Sleep course we recommend a Yoga belt, Yoga brick and access to a wall. We will email you any other suggestions . 

When booking a course- do I need to attend all weeks on the course?

Ideally, yes but we often record parts for example our Learn to meditate, students were given voice recordings of each meditation practice to keep.  Sometimes we record all of the course and give you private access to the recording for up to 7 days

Written materials are also sometimes part of courses, so if you miss a session you can catch up

Useful information

Avoid a heavy meal prior to Yoga practice and do not eat anything for at least one to two hours prior to practice. If this is not practical (especially in the case of pregnant women) please try and eat only something light- only a small amount of food that is easily digestible

When to arrive?

Arrive in good time for your class, but no more than 10 minutes before the start. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your class, we may be unable to let you in as the waiting room function may be on

And Finally

Listen to your own body-don’t force yourself into any of the postures or force your breath-relax and enjoy.

If you find that you cannot attend a class that you have booked, it is helpful if we know in advance that you are not coming so please let us know.